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The Red Rose Classic Motorcycle Club was founded in late 1992, to run and promote pre-65 trials in Lancashire.


Although we are based in North East Lancashire, we have members from all over Lancashire and the surrounding counties. We currently run 11 trials a year that count towards an annual club championship, a fun trial at Christmas a round of the Northern British Bike Championship and the National Twinshock Championship.

Welcome to our Club

Club News

We welcome all levels of ability, from beginners to experts, at our trial venues.


Air cooled, drum braked twinshock machines are welcome at our events.


We aim to hold the trials with minimum regulations, 'keeping the sport within the spirit intended'.


You are welcome to come along for further information about our trials or spectate.

Clerks to the course needed to set out sections.

Thanks to all the people that have volunteered to help out with trials - your help is what keeps the club going.  We always require help, so if you want to help with running the club, observing or setting out trials, please get in touch either with the Club secretary or Chairman, or by using the contact form on the website  more...

Thanks to all the volunteers...

A very big thank you to everyone who help out over the trial weekends to enable the trials to be a success; it's very much appreciated. We would also thank the land owners for their support during the events.

Club  Annual Donations.  

We are pleased to support North West Air Amulance and Pendleside Hospice and donations of £500 and £250 respectively have been sent.

Presentation Evening 2020


So far, I have not received any suggestions or offers to organise the presentation evening.  If you have any suggestions that you would like to present, please provide information using the contact page, or contact officials directly.  Remember, if there are no offers of help, then this event will be cancelled.

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This is a reminder to all club members - as announced at the last presentation evening, Owen will no longer be organising this for our club.  Please can I ask that someone else steps forward to organise this event (book the venue, organise menu and take the meal bookings etc.)


If you would like to put forward any suggestions about the location of the event, the time of year that the presentation evening is held, or anything else you would like the club to consider, could you please make suggestions using the contact form on the Contact page.

Following on from Meeting on 12/11/19


At the end of 2019 the Red Rose Classic MCC will go into suspense. We will remain affiliated to AMCA, but without a Treasurer and Trials Secretary, no events can be held in 2020 unless these posts are filled.


If after six months no one has come forward then the club will formally close.


Change to next trial at Pendle Hall

Ramsgreaves trial results are available by selecting the relevant trial on the calendar, or on the Trails 2019 tab.