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Nearest Postcode: BD24 OJU


Grid reference: SD 785 609


Clerks of the Course:



Higher Sheep Wash Farm, Off Mill Lane, Rathmell, North Yorkshire BD24 0JU (SD 785 609



From the centre of Rathmell take the road, opposite church, signposted to TOSSIDE VIA LONG GILL.

After 0.4 miles having gone past the school, turn right into MILL LANE, signposted GIGGLESWICK VIA WHAM 5.1/4 m.

Continue on this road for 1.1 miles and turn left into venue after going past Lower Sheep Wash Farm.



Park to the instructions of the land owner 

Either side of the track by the new fence is available along with two farmyards further up the track by the farmhouse.

Please keep to the route markers / edges of fields etc.


Due to rare wildlife DO NOT WASH BIKES IN THE MAIN BECK.