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1.The aims of the Club are to promote & encourage the use of motorcycles manufactured in Britain before 1970, with special interest in Observation Trials for  machines built by 1965.


2.The officers of the Club shall comprise of a) a Chairman, b) a Secretary, c) a Treasurer, d) any others appointed at the AGM. The members present at the AGM  shall democratically elect these posts each year. As cheques need two signatures, three members (incl. The Treasurer) shall be authorised, to cover holidays etc.


3.The AGM shall be held once a year on a date to be decided by the committee. The Club rules and trials regulations shall only be changed at the AGM. Proposals are to be submitted in writing one month before and will be circulated to the members at least one week before the AGM.


4. Each month a meeting will be held where the members present shall constitute the Committee. Any motion shall need a proposer and a seconder. Only paid up members  shall have the right to vote.


5. An Emergency General Meeting shall be convened with the status of an AGM should a written motion signed by 4 members or 5% of the Membership   (whichever is the greater) be received by the Officers. One month's notice will be given to all members of the meeting and the motion.


6. Membership is open to anyone who pays the subscription, from the time of payment to the end of that calendar year. Membership can only be refused or terminated  by a motion at a Committee meeting for bringing the Club into ill repute, and the person in question will be invited to attend and state their case.


7. Those who observe  4  trials in a year, and others approved by the Committee shall receive 1 free ticket to the annual social evening/awards presentation.  Observe 8 trials for 2 free tickets


8. The Club Person of the Year shall be democratically voted for at the AGM, written nominations to be submitted to the Chairman beforehand.


9. The following scale of expenses shall be paid:-


i. £30 each to the two official Clerks of the Course for trials (except Waterside Trial).or £60 to be divided between total number of C.O.C's

iii. £15 to the Results Secretary per trial.

iii. £15 to each Observer that signs on before a trial.(except waterside)

iv. £60 each per year to the Chairman, trials secretary, Club Secretary, Treasurer and website manager. £25 to each membership secretary and News Letter Editor


10. In the event of the Club closing, any funds and assets held shall be given to charity determined by ballot of the membership at the time.