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Machine Eligibility Rules


1. All machines shall be of British manufacture (except class E). Main frames shall be constructed from materials and using techniques freely available to the general public prior to 31/12/64, retaining two rear shock absorbers (except rigids) and of a period appearance  similar to a standard frame. Engines, gearboxes, yokes (billet yokes with internal pinch bolts allowed) & front forks shall externally appear to be of British manufacture before 31st Dec 1964, except 2 strokes in classes A, & C which may have forks & yokes up to 31st Dec 1969.


2. Machines shall be classified as follows: -


A. (Springer over 250cc) Springers shall be 2 or 4-stroke with cylinder capacity over 250cc and equipped with rear suspension.

B. (Rigid over250cc) Rigids shall have a frame manufactured without rear suspension with an engine and gearbox of the type originally fitted in a  rigid frame.2 or 4stroke and a cylinder capacity over 250cc.

C. (Springer under 250cc) 2 or 4 stroke with cylinder capacity under 250cc with rear suspension and includes  2 stroke machines of British Manufacture with British engines up to 31/12/1969.

D. (Rigid under 250cc) Rigids shall have a frame manufactured without rear suspension with an engine and gearbox of the type originally fitted in a rigid frame. 2 or 4stroke and a cylinder capacity under 250cc.

E. (Specials ) shall be machines mainly of British manufacture that don't conform to Rule 1.

F (Twin Shocks) more recent machines with twin rear shock absorbers manufactured in any country, but must be as manufactured with twin rear shock absorbers,air-cooled engine and drum brakes.


3. Each rider shall enter on a specific machine for his sole use. Should that machine break down he may complete the trial on any machine but will not be eligible for championship points.


4. New members only qualify for points after paying their subs, but if previous year's members pay by 28th Feb. they qualify in all rounds.


5. The Club Championship shall be decided as follows within each class: -


i. For each Championship Trial, Points will be awarded to qualifying riders in each class as - 10 points for the class winner, 9 for second,  diminishing to 1 for tenth and any other finishers.

ii. Should there be a tie for a place, it shall be decided in favour of the rider with most cleans, then furthest clean, then oldest rider.

iii.To qualify for an award in the Championship a rider must enter 6 or more Championship trials in a year. Their best 8 scores of points will then be counted    and the rider with the highest total winning. Should there be a tie, it will be decided in favour of the rider with most 1st places, then 2nd places etc, then oldest rider.

iv.A member that chooses to ride the rigid route non competitively on a springer, eight or more times in a year, shall be entitled to a trophy.

v.If a rider observes at a championship trial, on one occasion per year they will be awarded 5 points as though they had ridden.


6.Awards and trophies shall be at the committee's discretion.


7.The Stanley Robinson Memorial Trophy shall be awarded in the Fernedene Trial to the member with the lowest score in class A or B. The normal tie breaks to apply.


8.The minimum age of a rider to enter a trial shall be 14 years. However, until their 16th birthday the following apply:-


 i.They must ride the rigid route

ii.They must at all times be supervised by a responsible adult

iii.They must be a member of the Club.


9.Crash helmets must be worn by anyone whilst riding a motorcycle at a Club event. It is the riders responsibility to ensure that it is suitable for the purpose.


(Updated Jan 2010)