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Observers - Part 2



1. Preliminary results may be announced at the end of the event. Official results may be published later by email and/or post if a stamped and addressed envelope was provided by the rider. Results may also be posted on the web site. The rider with the lowest number of points will be declared the winner in his/her classification.


2. In the case of a tie score, the individual section points will analysed and a decision will be reached by considering the scores in the following order: competitor with the most cleans, then ones, twos and finally threes. If the tie is still unbroken, the oldest rider will be the winner.


3. Retirements: If a rider completes at least one full lap before retiring, the rider will be scored as having finished the event. It is the responsibility of the rider to inform the observers of the retirement.



1. The section Observer is responsible for determining the penalties (if any) for each attempt at the section. If a rider disagrees with the score, he/she may discuss it with the observer, without inconveniencing or delaying other riders, and the Observer will decide if the score is to be altered. Riders will not challenge the Observer’s decision further. If the disagreement is not settled in this manner, a protest may be lodged with the Clerk of the Course who will make a final ruling.


2. No person may protest another rider's score in a section. Only the rider can protest a penalty.


3. Any rider may protest any matter relating to the event. All protests must be lodged with the Clerk of the Course who may ask for the details to be presented in writing. The Clerk of the Course shall render all decisions on protests as soon as possible.


4. Even though preliminary results may be announced on the day of the event, the results shall not be come official until all decisions on protests have been finalised and the results have been checked for incorrect calculations.





Axle In - Axle Out: All scoring is to take place as the front wheel axle passes an imaginary straight line between the "Start" markers and all scoring is to cease as the front axle passes an imaginary straight line between the "End" markers.

Clerk of the Course: The Clerk of the Course is the person with final authority for all aspects of the event, and has the ability to perform any of the workers' duties on the day.

Retired or DNF (Did Not Finish): A competitor who retires before attempting all sections on the first lap is DNF and will not receive points but will be marked as ‘R’ or ‘Retired’ on the score sheet.

Observer: Any event official who is authorised to score a competitor's ride. Observers report directly to the Clerk of the Course.

Riders' Meeting: Meeting for all competitors, prior to start time, at which the promoter or Clerk of the Course gives the final instructions for the day's event.




  • No points (zero). The rider completes the section without committing an error.


  • Rider removes a foot from the foot peg and touches the ground once or pushes off an object such as a tree, or removes hand from the handlebar to touch or "push off" an object = 1 point (or dab)

  • Rider commits the error above twice = 2 points (2 dabs)

  • Rider commits the error above three or more times, or “paddles” with both feet = 3 points.


The following actions are not penalties:

  • Rider's feet are on the foot pegs and hands are on the handlebars when any part of his/her body inadvertently brushes against or is hit by an object = 0 points.

  • Rider's foot is accidentally knocked from the foot peg after unintentional contact with a rock or other object = 0 points.

  • Machine momentarily (1 - 2 seconds) stops moving forwards without rider committing any other error = 0 points


Failure - The following examples will result in a score of five points:

  • Rider or machine knocks over a section marker that requires the marker to be reset or repaired. (Touching the markers or boundary tape but not breaking or dislodging it, is not a penalty)

  • Missing a marker: rider completely misses or goes on the wrong side of a marker, including gates within a section.

  • Out of section: machine is ridden outside the boundaries of the section.

  • Backwards motion, whether intentional or not, with or without the rider dabbing.

  • Rider dismounts: both feet to the ground on the same side or behind the machine or falls from the machine.

  • Machine stops moving forwards for more than “a moment” (1 - 2 seconds). A slight pause whilst a rider prepares for next part of the section is allowed. The machine may also move back slightly as the rider regains momentum.

  • The motorcycle crosses its own track with both wheels (unless the section is so designed and is duly noted by the Observer or Clerk of the Course).

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