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The object of observed trials is to ride specified "Sections" with "Start", “Intermediate” and "End" gates. Scoring will be based on the "points-lost" (marks) system. The numerical score will increase from a starting score of zero. Final placement will be the inverse of the numerical score; i.e. the lowest score wins. The sections are laid out in a loop configuration, where the competitor rides each of the sections one at a time to form a lap.



All competitors must be members of the Club,sign on and pay the required entrance fee before the competition begins.

Riders must complete the entry form and select the class in which they wish to ride.

The machine must conform to the class described and selected on the entry form. Additionally, all riders under the age of 18 must provide their date of birth on the form and be signed in by a parent or guardian.

Number or letter cards will be issued and these must be clearly displayed on the front of the machine.

All riders must wear a correctly fastened crash helmet and be appropriately dressed (no shorts etc).

The Clerk of the Course may appoint a scrutineer to check the condition of machines and riding equipment. If a machine or riding equipment fails to pass the safety and eligibility checks it will not be allowed to compete unless corrective measures have been taken that are to the scrutineer’s satisfaction.



Section Scoring shall begin when the machine's front wheel axle passes the "Start" gate markers and stops when the front axle passes the "End" gate markers.


Section points are allocated as follows:

  • Error Penalty Points (mark)

  • None (clean) = 0  

  • One dab = 1  

  • Two dabs = 2  

  • Three or more dabs = 3  

  • Failure in a section = 5

  • Section not attempted (observer informed beforehand) = 5

  • Section not attempted (observer NOT informed beforehand) = 10


A rider is penalized in each section only for the one error that results in the most penalty points. In any given section, penalties are not cumulative, except for the first three "dabs."

(Example: If a rider dabs twice before riding out of bounds, the score for the section is 5 points, not 7).



Sections will be separately numbered and should be ridden in numerical sequence.

No section may be ridden more than once per lap unless directed by the Clerk of the Course or requested by the Observer if rider is running late.

Riders shall start Lap One at the point designated at the rider's meeting by the Clerk of the Course or his representative. Second and subsequent laps will start at the same point.

It is the sole responsibility of the rider to make sure that he/she has completed the required number of laps and sections within the laps. Un-attempted sections will be scored as in the table above.



1. Unsportsmanlike conduct or offensive behaviour can result in a penalty of 10 points at the sole discretion of any Observer or authorised event official.


2. Practice in any marked section before or during the event will result in disqualification of the rider from the event. Riders may stop and inspect sections on foot prior to riding for a score, providing their machine is parked out of the section.


3. Whilst walking the section, a rider that alters a section by moving rocks, making a path, changing the condition of the section, etc. shall be given a score of 5 by the Observer for that section.


4. When a rider leaves his/her machine to inspect the section, the machine does not hold the rider's place in line. When the rider returns to the motorcycle, he/she goes to the back of the line. Failure to do so may result in a 5-point penalty.


5. The rider must obtain permission from the Observer to ride into the section for a score. Failure to obtain permission may result in a score of 5 points if the Observer is unable to monitor the competitor's ride though the entire section.


6. All persons walking the section must immediately vacate when a rider enters the observed section. The competitor riding for a score always has the right-of-way within a section. Failure of others to vacate can be deemed unsportsmanlike conduct.


7. If, whilst riding a section for a score, a rider is severely distracted or his/her line is blocked by spectators, other riders, an animal, blowing debris, etc. The rider may claim an Obstruction" and request a re-ride. At the discretion of the Observer, a re-ride of the section may be permitted. Any score lost up to the point of the blocking will stand and be added to any score lost beyond that point on the second attempt.

Observer - Further Rules