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 Online Entry Form


 We can only accept online or email entries only due to the current rules in place for COVID-19 restrictions.  

 Entries must be received between Monday 6pm and before Wednesday 6pm of the week before the trial.


Entries to be completed using the form or send the details directly by email to [email protected]


You need to provide the following details;


Name of Rider

Date of Birth

Bike Make

Bike Model

Class entered (Clubman/Hard Route)

Rider Number


Note: No other form of entry will be accepted and entries must be received after Monday 6pm and before Wednesday 6pm.


Please note:


Riding groups are arranged on Wednesday evening, and entries not received by 6pm may not be able to attend the trial due to strict number restrictions.

It is the riders/observers responsibility to check what regulations and restrictions are in place. Lancashire has TIER 3 restrictions.

Successful riders will be notified within 24 hours, using the email you have provided.  


The email will contain details of how to pay and your riding number (if this has not already been allocated).  Only when you have received confirmation are you entered for the trial.

Observers should also contact Jeremy Clark on the email above, or by completing the form by entering NA next to the Bike Make and Bike Model, and choosing Observer from the list in Class and Rider Number.


If you are required to observe, you will be notified within 24 hours by email.

Contact Jeremy Clark immediately if you have not received confirmation by email.

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